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Movie Mentoz is a throbbing Video Animation outfit in Mumbai & the much needed answer to all your Video Editing requirements. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s media hub, Film City, Movie Mentoz offers superior quality editing services, coupled with critical creative inputs from the team and the distinctive Movie Mentoz stamp on all your projects.

Why Movie Mentoz
The Visual Age

As the world delves into the compelling world of visuals, there has emerged an increasing need to showcase your presentation videos in the most dazzlingly effective manner. A weak video presentation can be severely damaging to business prospects. Brands, Artists, Corporate Companies need to be in the spotlight at all times. A wrong message for a product may take years to recover from. It is critical that your eco system including clients, investors & end users choose your services or products over several competitors. A well crafted video is your best prospect to reach out to even the most demanding client. Our crackerjack editors are out to take on the most cryptic assignments and give it a universal appeal..

Quality Edits and Movie Mentoz

Editing is all about knowing precisely what should be done and done well once the footage is loaded.

One of the best measures to judge the quality of an editor is speed. Coming as it does at the end of the process, editing rarely gets the time-comfort a shoot does. A good editor is someone who works fast and surprises with his wizardry taking the film to another level.

Our ace editors at Movie Mentoz are thoroughly versed with the end-to-end process of film-making and Hi-Definition Video. This goes a long way in helping attain the highest standard of editing output. Our crack-team, apart from their primary job skills at their own non-linear editing software are deeply into camera operation, graphics and animation software.

From home to theatre, from the web world to mobile applications, we can handle anything our clients demand.

When all this and more is offered at competitive market rates it is a choice you can hardly go wrong with.


The field of animation has seen a major surge in recent years. Major businesses are using the medium of Animated explainer videos to dissipate information about their products in a simplified manner. We at Movie Mentoz specialize in making some of the finest explainer animation videos.


We adds another dimension to the final output. When used with appropriate music it is a remarkably alluring feature for the video.

Video Editing

We offer services and resources in the forms of HD Video Editing, Sound Design, Audio Editing, Color Grading, HD Closed Captioning, Conversion and Motion Graphics.


We do the VFX work. It's our speciality. We do motion graphics, tracking, cleanup, compositing.

Tracking & Matchmove

We offer a full suite of tracking services, including camera tracking, object tracking, and matchmove.

Filming Services

We can film your project whether it is a commercial advertise, a short film or a document film. We have expertise in these fields.

Corporate Video

We have a good experience in corporate film making services. We understand your concepts and transform it into video that showcase your company's work.

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